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I was writing a post about link building seo packages uk and backlinks and I had to explain what is the SEO on-page SEO off-page. Ultimately, the explanation was rather long and I’ve decided to write a separate post, inspired by the first.

Pages that are used to make spam and other fraudulent practices it is very strange that used more than one year. That is the reason that Google understands that the factor is a metric that we have to take into account to better position us record time.

If you want to Google you have in mind, in addition to the above, you must reserve a place so users get in touch with you. If contact details also coincide with the public registry of your website, Whois, much better because your position will grow.

It is essential that your website is well entitled to using the main keyword with which want you to locate your visits. Why choose the keyword in the title of the post page is considered to be one of the factors of greatest relevance in terms of SEO. In addition to the content of the page itself.

There are pages on the internet that you can consult to help you choose keywords if you have a bad day and ideas do not occur to you to title your post. Keyword Planner and Google Adwords can help you in this case, for example.