How to dispute an invoice cell phone

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I usually use eysamobile and the truth is that it works very well. It works so well that when they renew your ticket a driver may be putting you fined at the same time, and just random will make the tenths of a second to decide who was the first. And this is what has happened to my twice. They returned the first me because I show with tickets that he had renovated half a second before. But they have denied this last last week me because late 30 tenths of second rather than the driver. I have been told that claim the fine when it comes (somewhat difficult because you coerce prontopago reduction) and secondly claiming them to info @ the amount of the ticket that I charged while they put me fine.

They should correct this error computer that I believe benefits to them and to the City Council and, as always, never to the user: I now do get to mobile phone contract with bad credit called emails etc… to reclaim the centimillos that I sisaron and if it adds to the thousands of people suffering the same case involving a fortune.

Watch my question is if you know if now the new parking if you can not pay for the phone. Since it gives that you can pay by credit card, prepaid currency card. Already does in the earlier than they could pay for e-park. You know if this is possible.

The only thing is that inside little mobile applications will be updated to adapt them to the new rates for the Town Hall. Also on your mobile, you will have to pay more less according to the seniority of your car and the area.