Create an APP to prevent traffic accidents caused by mobile

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Talking about the 7 trends of marketing online that will dominate the 2015 highlighted strategies focused on mobile devices as the main. At the same time, the content marketing leaps to a higher level with the generation of content adapted for these devices and their users.

As they say from Walker Sands, this implies one 67% increase in traffic from the third quarter of 2012. However, and despite the fact that mobile traffic grows, not increasing evenly between devices. The iPad, which could grab 19.7% of traffic last year, has fallen to the 15.6% in 2013. Sell you navigate less from the iPads? Not necessarily: can be increasingly have more mobile connected to the Internet.

However, and although numerous studies have been conducted to count the targeted traffic, those responsible for them do not seem to agree. Statista, who published a report on this matter last summer, ensured that only mobile phones and tablets included 17% in the use of the Internet. In this case, the measurement process was different. Instead of measuring traffic, decided to measure the origin of each page view (visit to a page).

Adobe also conducted its own study a few months ago, with some similar conclusions: 15% of the traffic is moving, dividing by 7% for smartphones and 8% for the tablets. While the percentages vary quite according to the study, seems to be a common conclusion: the mobile traffic continues to grow month after month.

In the study of Walker Sands also are another fairly revealing figures: how spreads mobile traffic depending on each device? The result, and the evolution from 2012 to 2013 Q3 Q3, can see it in the picture that accompanies these lines.